Pelting Robot XXL
Pelting Robot XXL
Part number: 31200004

An interior filled with productivity- and quality-enhancing innovations

Meet a complete pelting solution that allows you to easily skin even the biggest males yourself – without any unintentional stops during the skinning process.

With the Pelting Robot, all the skinning work in your facility can be done by just one operator. Intelligent and efficient, the our Pelting Robot handles the entire skinning process – and even the longest skins – with no unwanted stops. It features the market’s best skinning technology from our Skinning Machine T11, a large display, and fewer movable parts for greater user-friendliness. The machine passes skins onto the Skin Conveyor belt (sold separately), so you do not need to handle the fat-covered side of the skin. 

While the machine’s streamlined appearance has remained the same, the Pelting Robot XXL offers significant interior updates and enhancements. We have taken the best features from previous models and combined them with the market's best skinning technology from our T11 Skinning Machine. It comes fully loaded with the latest software, so your robot is ready to meet any challenge for years to come.

The Pelting Robot XXL features:

  • An improved skinning system suitable for even the largest animals 
  • Simplified operation

  • Faster training

  • A new display with more functions 
  • Faster skinning for greater capacity

Technical details:

3 x 400 V w/ground/RCD
600 L/min v/min. 8 bar