JASOPELS’ Construction Department is well-known among all customers for being reliable and producing mink sheds of the highest possible quality, both regarding materials as well as performance.

From quotation and negotiation with our client through cooperation with suppliers and subcontractors to execution and handing-over the finalized project, JASOPELS A/S consistently monitor time schedules as well as quality of both materials and work, in order to obtain the quality, which is our “trademark”.

JASOPELS Construction Department has performed several hundreds of projects during the last decade, varying from small, short 2-rowed standard sheds to massive and complicated 12-rowed sheds up to 8.000 m2, containing more than 4.000 females with cups in a single shed.

Greater strength and security

Whether you are building 2-row open standard sheds or 16-row closed sheds, Jasopels has got you covered with all the materials required to construct your ideal setup. We will help you from planning through execution, and build and deliver at the agreed time and price.

Read more about our sheds in the catalogue (Read it or download it here)