Farm Manager
Farm Manager
Part number: 40200039

Take key daily operations to the next level

A groundbreaking tool based on farmers’ daily tasks, processes and needs, the Jasopels Farm Manager enables far more nuanced and efficient operations on your farm – and ensures that you never again use valuable time on reading barcodes.

The system handles individual feeding, body condition management, medication and many other relevant functions to ensure operational excellence. While feeding, you can make notes about repairs, leaking valves, and other important issues – all in the same system. After a feeding round, you can print out a complete To-Do list that you can easily transfer to your PDA or smartphone.

Farm Manager’s advanced features include a reverse pump function, which completely eliminating costly spillage.

If you would like to learn more about the many benefits Farm Manager can bring to your farm, please contact us.


  • Temperature-controlled feed intake
  • Multiple languages
  • Log
  • Greater feeding speed
  • Remote service
  • Medicine log
FarmManager 18.03.2016