Jasopels’ innovative approach to automated, individual feeding reduces waste while ensuring that every animal gets precisely what it needs.

Our Jasopels feeding machine series offers some of the industry’s most proven and robust feeding machines. We offer five models – so you can find precisely the right setup for you and your farm: with or without bend steering, and with four different feed tank sizes.

Standard Jasopels feeding machines are equipped with all the essentials:

  • 4-way adjustable seats
  • Servo steering with a small turning radius for better maneuverability
  • A feeding tank that tips for easy cleaning
  • A water doser
  • Diesel power
  • A strong, solid construction for low running costs and a long lifespan
  • Low noise
  • Easy maintenance

However, all models can be enhanced with additional equipment to make a breeder’s daily life and work easier.

One of the best enhancements you can make to increase your earnings and make feeding simpler, faster, and more efficient is to equip your new feeding machine with Farm Manager – a unique, intelligent, and very user-friendly new feed management system.

Jasopels 700

Simplify and speed up the feeding process

Jasopels FarmManager

Take key daily operations to the next level