Get trained - and save money!

Jasopels invites all customers who purchase new pelting equipment to attend our training courses. 

The practical training helps participants familiarize themselves with the equipment, ensuring that they feel comfortable and confident with all aspects of operation before the season starts. Participants walk away with the technical overview to confidently operate the machinery in all scenarios – even if, for instance, a part needs to be replaced at peak periods. 

Skilled operation not only results is minimal breaks in production, but ultimately also ensures excellent fur quality. 

Each season, hundreds of fur farmers participate in Jasopels’ practical courses.

What participants are saying

"Mistakes during the pelting process due to stress or lack of knowledge about the correct way to use the equipment lead to losses of enormous amounts in the fur business every season. You can save a lot of money by attending these courses, making the mistakes, and gaining the necessary experience here, so that once you're back at your farm, you can avoid those mistakes.”

- Henrik Bækgaard, a consultant at Landscentret Pelsdyr

Training courses are held at the Business Schools in Aars, Denmark and are run by Mogens Kristensen, training responsiple at Jasopels.

Learn more – and book today

If you need further information on the training program, don't hesitate to call us at +45 9842 0566. 


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