The Jasopels Story

As one of the world’s top suppliers to fur farmers, Jasopels A/S is focused
on providing top quality products and services to fur breeders worldwide. Through our team of industry experts and our continual emphasis on industry- leading development and research, we strive to deliver the best, most innovative equipment and solutions.

The Jasopels story began in 1997, when Mads Rasmussen founded Danish Wire Technic Aps, a nest boxes and cages company. As the company grew, Rasmussen began to fulfill his vision of becoming a one-stop supplier to fur farmers, acquiring numerous companies that developed and produced pelting machines, feeding machines and cages. With the addition of Jasopan A/S in 2003, the company completed its transformation into a large and versatile supplier and became Jasopels A/S.

Jasopels is headquartered in Bording, in the Jutland region of Denmark – at the heart of Denmark’s fur production industry. The company has also had production facilities in Poland since 2005.

Jasopels in the US and Canada

Jasopels has been present in North America since 1997. Today, our equipment
is spread over hundreds of farms throughout the United States and Canada. Jasopels’ skinning and processing equipment is extremely popular, with well
over 300 slicers and body hooks in use. Over 50 farms rely on the T5 and earlier models of the Jasopels planer, with many farmers also using the popular Maxi Wrap system. The new line of Jasopels body and skin drums is also gaining momentum at a tremendous pace. As demand for Jasopels products grows across North America, more farms in the region reap the benefits of the equipment’s innovative features, cost-effectiveness, and user-friendly operation.

Your one-stop solution

With its highly versatile and comprehensive product range and continual focus on service and innovation, Jasopels has become one of the leading suppliers to fur breeders worldwide.

Our primary goal is to offer breeders production solutions that help improve profitability at farms and pelting centers. To achieve this, we constantly refine our existing products and develop new solutions based on the way farmers really work and the way farms really operate. Throughout our history, staying true to our basic philosophy – "Only the best is good enough" – has enabled us to help our customers maintain a strong competitive edge.

Jasopels would like to welcome you to a long and fruitful partnership. We look forward to assisting you with all your fur farming needs, and invite you to contact your local agent to learn about our products and services and how they can help strengthen your business.